Detailed Engineering Design

Our people are proficient in the use of sophisticated engineering design softwares.


We take pride in leveraging on our partners to source the latest technologies and tools used for best engineering practice.


Every contract/project is carefully considered to suit the circumstances and needs of the client.

CHUKCHI is committed to meet all statutory and regulatory requirements applicable to its field of operation, as well as all contract stipulated requirements. To fully satisfy its clients, CHUKCHI’s policy is to provide them with cost effective services, ensuring that all operations and projects are planned, managed and carried out in accordance to schedule, under budget, and to relevant procedures and instructions. For these purposes, the Company maintains an effective Quality Management System planned and improved continually on the basis of the International Quality Management Standards (NIS ISO 9001:2015). This is to enhance competitiveness and ensure the long-term growth and survival of the company.

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CHUKCHI is committed to the optimization of local content in all aspects of our business and growth of our workforce and host communities. We are solid corporate citizens with our communities and believe that education and youth empowerment are veritable pillars of social contribution